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Kokeshi Dolls

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


New this month, Kokeshi dolls!  Kokeshi are Japanese wooden dolls traditionally made for children, but are becoming increasingly popular among collectors.  It is said they were originally sold to visitors to the hot springs of the Tohoku region of Japan during the late Edo period to supplement business and to keep workers’ hands busy during the winter months.  Many people also believe the dolls were originally exchanged as tokens of friendship with messages concealed within.  Our Kokeshi are made by Ithaca, New York artists Jacob and Lisa Hodsdon.  Lisa, whose mother is from Hachinohe, Japan is a Japanese-American artist specializing  in painting and design.   Jacob has specialized in wood turning for many years.  Together, the couple create a wide range of Kokeshi with sizes ranging from two to eighteen inches tall.

Floor Model Chair Sale

Saturday, March 12th, 2016


Floor model Bradford Woodworking ax handle chair sale:

Ash/steel side chairs (3 available) List = $395. each  Sale  Price = $197.50 each

Cherry pitchfork side chairs (2 available)  List = $250. each  Sale Price = $125.00 each

30″ cherry pitchfork bar stool (1 available)  List = $510.00  Sale Price = $255.00

25″ cherry pitchfork counter stool (1 available) Lost = $470.00  Sale Price = $235.00

In store purchase only.