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New Robot Clocks

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

New designs from Mark Brown and Susan Boss:

Panda Clock

Panda Clock

Ladybug Clock

Ladybug Clock

Dragonfly Clock

Dragonfly Clock

Bat ClockBunny Clock

     Bat Clock                                  Bunny Clock




Call (302) 235-2310 to order or email us.  Click here for more work by these artists.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

     Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you can always use some help with finding the perfect gift.  Here are some suggestions for her.  First, what girl doesn’t love getting jewelry:

Ricky Frank Pendant

A beautiful necklace from jeweler Ricky Frank.  Sterling silver and enamel.

Dragonfly necklace

A classic selection from Courtney Peterson.  Her signature dragonfly pin/pendant.

Sterling, gold plate, and opals.

Deborah Close necklace

A bold piece from jeweler Deborah Close.  Sterling, agate, onyx, and crystals.

Tessoro necklace

Maybe something more unusual?

How about this birch bark and copper necklace from Deborah Bushinski?


So maybe you’ve done the jewelry thing.  Why not shoot the moon and buy her a bed.


This incredible bed is made from cherry and ash with steel bird finials.

Very cool, and she’ll be surprised!


And now, gift ideas for him

Is he a fisherman?

Blue Fish

Our painted wooden fish by Paul Sumner are very popular, and rather addictive. 

It’s hard to buy just one.


Our ceramic fish are just as cool and colorful.


Not a fishy kind of guy?  How about birds?


This gorgeous mallard is quack-free and made of the finest hardwoods.


This hawk also doesn’t make too much noise, and is beautfully carved by the talented Wendy Lichtensteiger.


If nothing I have shown you has been right, and you’re wondering what to do…well come on down to the gallery or call or write us.  A gift certificate is always appropriate.  Let your loved one shop with us and take home a piece of American craftsmanship.  It’s a gift for everyone!

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