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Tree of Life

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Jewel Tree

“Tree of Life”

dyed ash and copper

small - 27″ x 34″     large - 33″ x 45″

Call (302) 235-2310 or email us for more information.

Art Tiles

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009






     Pictured are just a few of the art tiles we carry at Creations.  Handcrafted in Michigan by the studio of Nawal and Karim Motawi, these tiles are small works of art.  Tiles range in size from 4″x4″ to 8″x8″.  They are a perfect way to add a piece of art to your home without making a big commitment.  They can be either hung directly on the wall, set on an easel, grouped in a large display, or placed on a mantel.  The possibilities are huge.  Several of the designs come in different colorways, allowing you to create a beautiful arrangement of repeating patterns in different colors. OR…you could get different designs all in the same colorway!

    I’ve had so much fun arranging the tiles in the store.  I’ve done groupings of repeated designs, and groupings by color.  I think they are a great buy for someone wanting to add a little color or a little art to their home, without spending much money.  The tiles make a great gift too.  Who doesn’t have room on a mantel or end table or bookcase for something beautiful?

Christina Meyers

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Introducing the work of textile artist Christina Meyers.  Christina makes landscapes from layering hundreds of pieces of batiked and hand dyed fabric togehter.  Below are three pieces we currently have in stock.  Each is matted and framed.  Interested? Call 302.235-2310 or email us.

Winter Birch

Winter Birch  (13 1/2″ x 22 1/2″)  $365.  FREE SHIPPING

Turning Leaves

Turning Leaves (16″ x 13″)  $215.  FREE SHIPPING

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon  (19 1/2″ x 23 1/2″)  $375.  FREE SHIPPING