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Congratulations Joe!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

…Hometown Boy, Joe Biden, Picked as VP for Presidential Race…

Delaware On the Map!

Creations Gallery is proud to present The State of Delaware

Blue Hen Sculpture:


Get in the spirit and show your support of the First State, by owning this signed and numbered collectible!  These pieces are handcrafted and capture the majesty and spirit of this state bird.  Note how the copper reflects the magnificient plummage.  Each sculpture is available with or without a cherry base, and includes the history of this Delaware mascot.  Don’t be left out - order yours today!  More Info.

Courtney Design

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008


Local jeweler, Courtney Peterson, has long been represented by Creations.  Her signature image, the dragonfly (pictured), is represented here as a pin/pendant.  It’s wings are sterling silver, with opal eyes, and it’s body is available in brass, 14k gold, or 14k gold plate.  Courtney uses a wide variety of natural images in her work.  She even makes custom jewelry from pet pictures!  Courtney’s work is a gallery favorite, that you are sure to love.

St. Francis

Monday, August 11th, 2008


St. Francis Sculpture - Don Drumm

60″H x 22″W

This sculpture is crafted from 1/4″ steel, and painted with weather proof materials.  It can remain outside all year long without deteriorating!  It is available now and is on display in the gallery.

New Artists

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

We just returned from the Philadelphia Rosen show, and discovered two jewelers that will be added to Creations:  Spirit Anderson and Regina Ewer.  Spirit is from Georgia, and creates really vibrant colorful earrings and pendants.  Her jewelry is made from her original paintings.  She takes the print, reduces it, and encases it in glass or resin.


  Regina Ewer hails from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  She finds inspiration in nature.  “My favorite muse is trees.  I live by wonderful trails, where I take walks each day and it is there [I] am inspired by [them].”  Much of her work involves mixed metals, such as copper and sterling silver.  Regina also uses a variety of finishes, patinas, and semi-precious stones to enhance her work. 


Chris Roberts Antieau

Monday, August 4th, 2008


“Dog Hygiene”  18″ x 28″

$ 1250   (free shipping)


“Butterfly Jar”  12″ x 18″    

$595   (free shipping)