William Wessel


About the artist

windswept willow musician
discus fish
fish angler fish butterfly fish
leaping bullfrog sea fan puffer fish
sea fan with fish

William Wessel has been creating one-of-a-kind sculptures for over twenty years. His career began with a sculpture course at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University followed by a four-year internship with noted sculptor Joseph Fitzpatrick. William’s extensive portfolio includes a wide range of subject matter and size, although his focus through the years has been on animal forms such as insects, birds and fish.

Depending on his mood, William treats his subjects with exacting detail or comical whimsy. Many of his more “unwordly” pieces are inspired by mythology, folklore and witchcraft. William’s work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the country and many of his heroic-sized pieces grace estates in Pennsylvania, New York and New England.


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