David Stabley



About the artist

wall sculpture

David Stabley has been a professional ceramic artists for over 30 years following his completion of a Master’s degree in the early 1980’s.  His most recognized work is based on ideas about dreams and their relationship to fantasy and how we remember and perceive dreams in fragmented ways.  David explores space, texture, surface design and the overlapping of objects to create this sense of fragmentation.  His imagery reflects situations that are comfortable, mysterious and romantic in nature.  Fascinated by the unknown and the mysteries of the Universe, his faces emit emotions, feeling and energy that create a mood within the surrounding landscape.  His work allows the viewer to discern their own feelings and thoughts.

vasesAll of David’s pieces are made from earthenware clay fired to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit.  He draws his imagery onto the piece in the leatherhard stage then carves and textures the surface.  Areas of each piece are then glaze-fired.  Unglazed areas receive a hand-rubbed patina.  Although general shapes are repeated, imagery is unique to each piece.

Dave and his wife, Deb Fleck-Stabley, live in a rural, mountainous area outside of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  Both have worked as full-time artists since the formation of their ceramics business in 1984.   Throughout their many years, they have their works nationwide through galleries, museums and private collections.

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