Josh Simpson


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What would it be like to hold a new planet in your hand? To gaze down at unfamiliar seas, unrecognizable continents and unknown civilizations resting in your own palm. You will know the feeling when you view the glass artistry of Josh Simpson, whose work is now represented at Creations Gallery.

When we debuted Josh in 2005, we were pleased to learn that Creations already had a "small-world" connection to this internationally recognized glassblower. Both Josh and Creations owner John Sherman attended Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, with one year's overlap.

And speaking of small worlds, we invite you to come to the gallery and see Josh's exquisite miniature planets for yourself. Each one is unique, formed from a glowing hot ball of clear molten glass, colored and imbedded with what could be volcanoes, forests, cities or satellites, but which are actually applications of metal foils, silver bromide, powdered glasses and mosaic pieces of sliced filigrana cane.

Perfectly round miniature planets are available 1 1/2" to 1 7/8" diameters and resting on bases of free-form maple burl. Other larger pieces, called mega-worlds, have been ground flat on one side to sit securely on flat surfaces. And one mind-blowing step further, Josh creates the same inhabited-planet effect as a vase. You could look at each one 100 times and see something new each time.

In addition to his planets, Josh is also known for his Tektite sculptures, inspired by a pitted, green-black lump of natural glass. These unusual geologic specimens are named from the Greek word, "tektos," meaning "molten." Natural tektites are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin or possibly the result of meteorite impacts. Unlike most glass, Josh's tektite glass is not homogenous, which makes the work especially challenging. The melted substance is simultaneously hard and soft, making it difficult to control. Into these rough, other-worldly shells, Josh implants his signature "possibly inhabited" planet features. The result is a "Tektite Portal" an almost indescribable inside-out glimpse of an interior world.

As in our own universe, no two glass planets could ever be alike, which is why Josh's work has become highly collectible over the years. It is also why we caution our website guests that the photos shown on this page are samples of the current selection of items in the gallery. The availability of any exact piece is, of course, limited to one. We thus encourage you whenever possible to come to the gallery and be amazed by a close-up view of the actual pieces.


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