Lorna Secrest


Lorna Secrest is one of the most gifted and prolific furniture designer/makers in the country today. After earning her MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in woodworking and furniture design in 1983, Lorna, along with partner Jerome Joseph, founded Works of Wood . Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lorna and her staff began producing a wide range of contemporary furniture pieces primarily influenced by the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movements. Central to the majority of Lorna Secrest’s original designs is the use of complimentary veneer species and grain patterns producing rich, colorful, often complex patterns in her furniture. After twenty years as both designer and maker of fine contemporary furniture, Lorna closed out the production aspect of Works of Wood in 2002 in order to devote more time to furniture design.

Dining Area Furniture Living Area Furniture
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In the fall of 2006, Lorna re-established her production studio and once again is fabricating her own designs.

Resulting from a twelve-year business relationship, Creations Gallery has entered into an exclusive partnership with Lorna. In addition to her extensive portfolio of over 600 pieces produced over the years, Lorna is now available to modify existing designs or create new custom pieces for our clients. Lorna’s extensive furniture portfolio and a large number of veneer and hardwood samples are now housed at the gallery. If you are interested in having truly fine contemporary furniture designed expressly for you, contact or stop by Creations!