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Creations Gallery is proud to represent the W.A. Mitchell Fine Furniture Company of Farmington, Maine. Since its founding by Arthur Mitchell, a seventh generation Vermonter, the focus of the company has been the design and production of custom bench-made chairs.

Mitchell’s original designs, and still the most popular, are solid hardwood sitting pieces.  The use of old-world joinery in the construction of these pieces traces directly from Arthur Mitchell’s life-long passion for fine woodworking and his commitment to create truly exceptional handmade furniture.

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The distinctive Mitchell chair design draws its inspiration from two styles that are deeply rooted in our country's history; the Windsor design tradition of England, and the classic American Shaker design.

The strength of the back and seat is created by the Windsor design. Chairs are built so that the seat supports the back and arms of the chair through spindles that are firmly planted into the seat and locked top and bottom with hardwood pins. The use of precision mortise and tenon joints locks each chair leg, arm stump and spindle, and king spindle. This construction design transfers lateral and downward pressure from the back and arms of the chair into the seat, where it is absorbed and distributed to give the chair remarkable strength and stability.

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From the Shakers comes the inspiration for simple clean lines and ergonomic design. The chairs feature a gracefully bowed crest that emphasizes the beauty of the wood and accommodates the back and shoulders. The arms are flat on top to provide a functional resting place and are curved to accommodate personal space. The wooden braces under the seat reinforce the legs and are carved to fit the contour of the leg while blending the seat and legs.

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These principles guide all Mitchell Company designs from signature chairs, to desks, tables, barstools, benches, and other furniture. The wood used is a critical part of the lasting beauty and quality that you will enjoy with their furniture. Only the finest, selectively harvested hardwoods from the forests of Maine and the eastern U.S. are used – rich woods such as American Black Cherry, Rock Maple, White Ash, and Red Oak, which combined with the exceptional fine tradition of old-world, precision hand artistry, comprises furniture that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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The Mitchell home and office collections blend the finest influences of Windsor and Shaker design to create a comfortable elegance that fits any home or office style from contemporary to country, classic to casual. Mitchell craftsmen create every piece by hand with select American hardwoods and lovingly work them to a wonderfully warm, softly smooth finish that matures through the years as the unique patina of the wood develops.  Many of the home and office chair designs can be customized with any available Sherwin Williams paint colors and commemorative additions in the form of text or logos can be specified.

In order to explore their extensive furniture collections, come to the gallery or visit the W.A. Mitchell website.  At Creations, we can help you find the perfect Mitchell pieces to complement your home or office.

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