Dennis Elliott

small bowl


About the artist

wall sculpture

One of the most highly respected lathe artists in the United States, Dennis Elliott has been a featured artist at Creations Gallery since 1994. Interestingly, while Dennis has gained fame in the art world for his distinctive wall sculptures, vessels, and abstract forms, he is equally well known in a completely different respect. His first claim to fame was as a founding member and drummer for the British/American rock group Foreigner. In fact, one career led to the other, when Dennis' wife, Iona, gave him a lathe attachment for his power drill. Woodworking began as a means of relieving the anxiety of performing, but soon took over as Dennis' primary creative outlet.

"I love the freedom that working in wood affords me," he says. He has often commented that he feels a greater responsibility when creating in wood as compared to creating music, since wood gives him only one chance to do it right, whereas a new song can be erased and written over. "I enjoy the excitement of each exploration," Dennis says.

His signature format, the wall sculpture, remains among his most powerful work. Made from horizontal slices of big-leaf maple burls, they feature centrifugal forms, radiating lines and often inserts of metal or alabaster. Dennis explores other formats such as abstract sculptures and vessels, some of which feature pewter and other metal components. According to Dennis, "I can truly communicate my feelings through these works." A wide selection of Dennis' earlier and current pieces are now on display at the gallery.


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